Getting Started


First of all flamingo needs a proper python3.5+ environment.

# apt install build-essential python3-dev python3-venv python3-pip

The recommended way to install flamingo is using pip.

pip install flamingo

Start a new flamingo project

The simplest way to bootstrap a flamingo project is to use flamingo init. Flamingo does not enforce a specific project structure but comes with a number of project templates.

A list of available project templates, their descriptions and variables is available by running flamingo init -l.

$ flamingo init wobsite project_name="Wobsite"
$ cd wobsite/
$ make html

The content of wobsite will look like this:

├── content/          # flamingo will search for content here recursively
├── Makefile
├── overlay/          # here you can place files like a robots.txt or a
│                       favicon.ico
├── plugins/          # place your plugins here
├── README.rst
├── REQUIREMENTS.txt  # list of all python dependencies
├──       # all settings are stored here
└── theme/            # root of all HTML templates, CSS- and JS files

The new project comes with a gnu make file, that handles flamingo dependencies in a python virtualenv, setting the right python version and holds command line options for building.

To build the project run make html.

Flamingo comes with a interactive webserver for writing content and debugging. Run make server and go to localhost:8080 with your browser. Let server and browser run while writing your content. Flamingo tracks file operations in content/, rebuilds updated files and refreshes the browser tab if needed.

Read more about flamingo Live-Server.

Optional external dependencies

Flamingo supports setuptools optional features for having support for 3rd party libraries without defining hard dependencies.

For example: If you want to install flamingo with markdown support you have to change your REQUIREMENTS.txt like this:


If you want to install all supported 3rd party libraries, run pip like this:


List of optional features

Name Description
live-server Required for flamingo server. Installs aiohttp, aiohttp-json-rpc and IPython
ipython Required for flamingo shell. Installs IPython
chardet Adds support for chardet. Needed for settings.USE_CHARDET
pygments Adds support for pygments
thumbnails Adds support for image scaling. Installs pillow
markdown Adds support for markdown using python-markdown
coloredlogs Adds support for coloredlogs